Boris Business & Life Coach
The size of your success is measured by: the strength of your desire; the size of your dream;
and how you handle disappointment along the way.”
Robert Kiyosaki

Boris Prigmore 

CPCC, BSc (Hons), MCom, ICF & AC Member

I've been a business and life coach and workshop leader/faciliator to clients from all over the UK and have worked with a wide range of clients  from executives inthe Petrochemical, Financial Services and Rail Industries to teenagers at Harrow School and private individuals wanting more from their lives.

I trained with the prestigious Coaches Training Institute, belong to and follow the ethics of the International Coaching Federation and the Association for Coaching.

Over the years I've helped people:

- Find a healthy work life balance
- Increase their confidence
- Become more powerful and more effective leaders
- Get motivated
- Get promoted 
- Change careers to something they love
- Find the fun and  joy in their lives

If you want any of the above then get in touch to arrange a free sample session.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is essentially a series of insightful and rich conversations during which you work out who you really are down at your core and how you want things (including yourself) to be in the future. 

So what do you really want? If it could be as delicious as possible, how would you have it?

Just answering that question and knowing this gives you a real powerful place to come from.  You start to see how you may want to change some of the things in your life at the moment, perhaps some behaviours that are holding you back at home or at work.  

With me as your life coach you'll get clear about yourself,  how you want things to be and you'll start to make pro-active changes in your life to help get you where you want to be. This inner desire for how you want things to be coupled with the insights you'll gain about yourself, gives you a solid platform for real and lasting change in your life.

And yet sometimes taking that first step towards your future can be a little challenging, can't it?  Well with a life coach you'll be well  supported as you get out of your comfort zone.  

A coach will also help you see the big picture and if work or life should get in the way, as can so often happen, your coach can remind you of where you're heading and why that place is so important to you.

In the words of Goethe "Boldness has genius in it!"

And when you book a coach you are being bold.  You're beginning a journey where you are taking yourself, your life and your goals more seriously. You're making a stand for what's important and for living a full and rich life.

So be bold and sign up for some life coaching sessions and get busy living.

Clients Testimonials

“His coaching is amazing, direct, creative and challenging.  He is a pleasure to work with.”
Executive, Global Blue Chip Organisation

"Boris is a very inspiring coach with an incredible ability to motivate people. Through the coaching relationship, I  began a journey of self-discovery that has changed my outlook on life for the better. I would recommend Boris without  hesitation!”
Senior Project Manager, Reuters

“Through Boris’ coaching I’ve gained a positive outlook, real clarity in decision making, enhanced people management skills and I am more effective at motivating my team.”
Project Manager, Large Construction Firm

"Boris stands out amongst the coaching crowds for his ability to listen intently without being intrusive, providing support and compassion throughout and is not afraid to challenge your thinking. This is what every coaching client needs."
Freelance Head Hunter

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